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Lee-Ann Harvey



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Meet Lee-Ann Harvey, Founder of Flourish Home & Design

Originally from New Zealand, Lee-Ann Harvey's journey has taken her across continents. From her roots in New Zealand to exploring Australia and the United States, her adventure led her to the vibrant state of California, where she delved into the commercial contract design industry. Settling in sunny California for over 20 years, Lee-Ann's passion for design only grew.

Her story in Waco, Texas began when her son left California to become a Marine. She planted her roots in this charming city over five years ago (since 2017).
Driven by a shared love for creativity and innovation, she embarked on a new adventure.

In 2017, Lee-Ann, along with her loyal companion Dusty, took the first steps in realizing her vision, giving birth to 'Flourish Home & Design.' Driven by referrals and the power of word-of-mouth, Lee-Ann's dedication to her craft shines through in every project she undertakes.

Join us as we transform spaces, nurture creativity, and bring your dreams to life with Flourish Home & Design.

Work Experience

1996 -2017


2019 - Current

Lee-Ann Harvey brings a wealth of experience in the field of commercial, school, and contract business interiors. Throughout her career, she has successfully managed diverse accounts, including prestigious clients such as Starwood Hotels, Local Police Departments, and various local government offices. Lee-Ann's dedication to exceptional design and her impressive portfolio have consistently impressed her clients and contributed to her reputation in the industry.

Moved to Waco, Texas after almost 21 years working in the commercial design and sales industry in California. 

Lee-Ann Harvey embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with the establishment of 'Flourish Home & Design.' Her dedication to creativity and innovation became the driving force behind her venture, and she continues to create exceptional designs that exceed clients' expectations.

In addition to Flourish, Lee-Ann also collaborates with JJ Construction. There reputation and expertise have made them a sought-after professional construction company in the industry, with clients reaching out through word of mouth and referrals. Her commitment to excellence remains at the core of every project she takes on.

Image by Matthew Lancaster of Central Texas

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  • How long will a renovation take?
    Each project is subject to a different time frame. We strive to work towards a mutually beneficial goal and remain on task, and on budget throughout the renovation process.
  • How much do you charge?
    Each project or renovation is going to have different nuances involved that make it special, and with that there are different budgets depending on your specific needs. We ask that you speak to us in person and we can go over pricing depending on what your project requirements are.
  • Do you do commercial and residential work?
    Yes! Feel free to reach out and ask for a consultation about either!
  • Do you just do interior design, or do you handle the construction as well?
    We are a one stop shop ready to handle your project from start to finish!
  • Where are you located?
    We are based out of Waco, Texas. We serve the local Waco area, however we have the flexibility to work wherever the jobs may take us!
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